Like I have said before, I didn’t really own the term “Navy girlfriend” for quite a while, so I started off being pretty in the closet about anything Navy-related that I liked/enjoyed/posted.  I even had one of those secret boards on Pinterest where I would pin Navy re...


Everyone's list may be different, but here's what has helped me get through this lifestyle ;)

1. Wine – for all the things you cannot change.

2. Chocolate - for when things don't go your way and you need to eat.

3. Pencils with erasers – for changing dates in calendars, g...


I’ve said this before and I will say it again: I hate change.  Then you’ll say, what the hell woman, you married a man whose career is going to create a world of change for you!!  Yeah…life’s a bitch.  The hardest thing for me was moving away from my family.  I would e...


Sending things to your loved one can be daunting.  The first time I did this, I was so flustered and it took someone helping me at the post office to even figure out what form I needed and how to fill it out.  After being so unprepared, which if you know me you know th...


Hey guys!  I know I've been super slack about posting, apparently November is just as busy as October was so far >.<  Anyway, as a little "throwback Thursday" (aka my favorite tag on Instagram), I thought I would share with you our military love story.

Now the Sail...


Oh my goodness, I accidentally took a couple week hiatus!  October ended up being a pretty busy month, involving the Sailor's birthday, a friend's wedding, a family emergency, our 6 month anniversary, a trip to Busch Gardens and Halloween (Below are pictures from the w...


 Another week, another installation of #weddingwednesday!  Anybody who knows me knows that I love photos.  I love taking them, looking at them, being in them (flattering ones only!).  So when planning our wedding, I knew that one of my top priorities was an amazing pho...


So I accidentally went on a week long hiatus.  The Sailor is underway, and I was feeling blah and didn't get much done for a week.  And really, I should have been trying to do too many things to keep myself busy, but I've never been great at that.  When the Sailor was...


For a long time when the Sailor and I first started dating, I didn’t really feel official.  Like, I was dating a guy, who happened to be in the Navy.  I didn’t see myself as a “milso” or a navy girlfriend, and I was very hesitant to claim that title.  I didn’t even kno...


So the other week, the Sailor had duty on Friday, and I thought I could be a cool wife and come by and see him after I got off work.  I told him the idea (he loved it), and he told me when he had watch, so I could come by afterwards.  Now, keep in mind, I’ve only drive...

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