It's #weddingwednesday you guys!  So my next step to planning the wedding was to figure out the caterer.  There were lots of options within the Triangle and it was hard to narrow them down.  If your reception venue has a preferred vendors, then that makes your job that...


As a general rule, I am a person who hates change.  I like planning and schedules and routines and things to look forward to every day and every week.  When I lived in Durham, I had plans 3 out of 5 weekdays: Mondays were Subway and walking with a friend, Tuesdays were...


Back when I was planning my wedding, my mother and I would get together on #weddingwednesdays and talk about planning and what had been done or was next on the list. Those meetings are how I figured out my color scheme, my decorations and many of the vendor decisions....


So I seem to have gotten my first real meeting with Murphy’s Law the first day of the Sailor’s month long underway.  Granted, some of the tasks that I needed to get done should have been done sooner.  However, I definitely should not have all of the blame put on me.  H...


Moving to any new home is difficult.  No matter if it’s 2 miles down the road or across county or globe.  Packing your entire life into boxes is a surreal experience.  Ideally you would be able to go through your belongings while you pack so that you don’t have a lot o...


So I mentioned that I found a job.  Which is awesome!  I love income and making money and not being so bored.  I know it seems so silly, but I feel like I have a purpose again.  Having a job to go from 8:30-5 is one of the best feelings I’ve had since I moved to Virgin...


After a month of trying out the house wife life, I definitely struggled.  As a woman who lived alone and supported herself for 4 years, not working was a very abrupt change.  I’ve never described myself as independent, but asking the Sailor for money was weird.  It’s n...


Okay, so you’ve gotten married, signed the papers and changed your name on Facebook.  Now what?? 

I've complied a list of the order of steps for paperwork for your name change and becoming an official military spouse.  Keep in mind, this list was made while keeping...


I’ve always been told I have an abnormal relationship with my siblings.  My friends would always say, “oh you’re so lucky to be friends with your siblings, I hate mine” or they would see us together and be envious of how well we actually get along.  And I’d say, “yeah,...


Ah yes, the age old debate of keeping your last name when you get married or taking the new one. Or now the new version is creating a whole new one altogether. Although I’ve heard that’s a lot harder than what Friends lead us to believe. You can’t just become Princess...

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