Far From the Home I Love

Durham North Carolina skyline

If you knew me and my personality, you would know that I never wanted to leave Durham. I never had a need to, never wanted to. My family is there, my friends are there, I went to school there, I grew up there, I was comfortable. I knew I could find a job there and make my life there, even if it was by myself. I would have eventually gotten a dog, but that’s beside the point. If you looked at me and my siblings, you would say she’s the one to stay in her hometown. I hate change.

I knew things were going to change when I started dating the Sailor. I knew if we got serious, there was a chance I might have to move. But even thinking about that reality for as long as we had been dating didn’t prepare me for the actual move. It was very surreal driving with all of my belongings in a 4 vehicle caravan knowing that my whole family would be going back to North Carolina and I wouldn’t. It was also hard coming back from the honeymoon and knowing that I wouldn’t be seeing the people I love immediately after. Thankfully the Sailor is and has been very sweet and understanding.

I spent the first month mostly decorating, organizing and getting a vague lay of the land. This directionally challenged woman is going to need more than a month to get around, but it’s been an okay start. Thank goodness the Sailor has a great sense of direction. After a month, I started to get stir crazy, so I found a job. I’ll lose my free time, lazy mornings and being home every day for the Sailor, but I’ll gain back my independence, my income and my sanity. It’ll also probably get me some friends and get me out of the apartment.

The apartment is great, don’t get me wrong. A two bedroom on the third floor with a great view and a pool close to Town Center in Virginia Beach. The second bedroom is so that my family and friends will visit all the time. Also, I didn’t want to get rid of my double bed >.< And I’ve made it our home. I’m still going through all of the crap that I brought up here so that we can have more room. Storage gets tighter when two people move in together, go figure.

It’s been a hard transition, and I’m sure I will have ups and downs. But with the most supportive husband ever and a great family that will come and visit me, I know I can through this life change :)

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