Shake That Moneymaker: Starting a New Job as a Navy Wife

New job as navy wife graphic

So I mentioned that I found a job. Which is awesome! I love income and making money and not being so bored. I know it seems so silly, but I feel like I have a purpose again. Having a job to go from 8:30-5 is one of the best feelings I’ve had since I moved to Virginia Beach. It helps a lot that I really like my job. It’s an administrative assistant in a small office; I answer phones, emails, write & edit blog posts, and do some filing. It seems like very mundane things, but I really like them and I’m good at them. Once I finish my training, I know that I will be able to run this office soon and do it well. They were already very excited about how qualified I was when I was hired and they even matched previous salary, which is amazing! Definitely a much needed confidence boost.

It is weird learning the ins and outs of a new job though. When you’re at a job for almost 4 years, you get used to everything being one way. Then you leave the comfort of that work space and everything is new and weird and different, but good. New starts can be exciting. It means new co-workers and potential friends. Or at least work friends. I’m not sure how to make friends now that I’m married…? I work with mostly men now, so I’m not sure how that will go. Anyway, I’m learning about the new business I work for, which is exciting. I previously worked at a print and promotional company, so I know a lot of information about swag and clothing brands and what you can put your logo on (which is basically anything).

This job is a great push in the right direction of my new life. And finding my new place in Virginia Beach as a military spouse, a wife and a VA resident. I finally feel like I’m making Virginia Beach my home and a place I could stay for a few years. So after 3 months of not making money, I’ve got an income, somewhere to be every day and a purpose. And it feels great.

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