Moving to a New Home: Appliances & All

moving to a new home

Moving to any new home is difficult. No matter if it’s 2 miles down the road or across county or globe. Packing your entire life into boxes is a surreal experience. Ideally you would be able to go through your belongings while you pack so that you don’t have a lot of junk to go through while unpacking (guilty).

I think that apartments are a little harder in the sense that most of the appliances aren’t yours. The fridge, the oven, the dishwasher are all new things to learn how to work and deal with. Luckily I could bring my own full washer and dryer, it was one of my apartment requirements to be able to have space for both. However, all the kitchen appliances were new to me. As an avid baker, the oven is a key appliance for me to use. The one in my old apartment was perfect, the temperature was right on and everything came out perfect. This new antique monstrosity is something I’m still getting used to. It seems to run at least 50 degrees hotter than what it is set at but then still bakes similar to an oven set at the correct temperature. It already ruined some cheesecake tarts I made by making them super brown/black and incredibly unappealing. So that’s still a work in progress.

baking relic apartment oven

On the flip side of that is my new dishwasher. My old one would create spots of all of my glassware and Fiestaware so I ended up washing everything I cared about by hand, which was most of my kitchen. I’m not sure if it was hard water or a shitty dishwasher, but it was a hassle. I called it my glorified drying rack. I was so wary of the new one that I wouldn’t let the Sailor put anything in it for about a week until I could run it once with a few test items. Luckily, it worked! I can now wash anything dishwasher safe without worrying about spots. It’s really the little things in life, especially ones that make chores easier. I would much rather do laundry than hand-wash dishes.

As far as apartments go, I really do like ours a lot. It’s perfect for a newlywed couple that wants guests to come and visit. Almost everything is in its place and it’s mostly decorated. But Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’ve still got some décor I’m not sure where to put yet. It’s better to wait though with white walls than put everything up willy nilly, at least to me. What are your moving experiences?

virginia beach apartment view

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