A Date with Murphy's Law: Underway Woes

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So I seem to have gotten my first real meeting with Murphy’s Law the first day of the Sailor’s month long underway. Granted, some of the tasks that I needed to get done should have been done sooner. However, I definitely should not have all of the blame put on me. Half of it goes on the Sailor who I need for all of these tasks anyway.

I figured before this long underway that I should get on his Navy Federal bank account and get my own debit card for it. Great idea, right? Since I’m working 8:30am - 5pm, he goes to a branch and asks what to do to add me. So the woman gives him a form, says all we have to do is fill it out and he can bring it back to her. Perfect and simple! We’d get it done, and I would get my card while he was underway. So he goes to turn it in the next day and a new woman says she will check my signature on file. Because they assume I have a Navy Federal account because we’ve only been married for 2 months and what navy wife doesn't get her own Navy Federal bank account after 2 months? Clearly, that’s one of the things that should be at the top of my list. When the Sailor says I don’t, then they say that I have to turn in the form to prove my signature is real. Okay, no biggie. They’ve only lied to us once and maybe that first woman was dumb. There’s always that one employee that’s just not a smart as everyone else.

So the Sailor comes back to me with the form that I’m supposed to take the next work day. Which happens to be Monday (the day the Sailor went underway). So I get up super early to drive him into work (base traffic sucks, in case anyone didn’t know that already), then go to work, then rush out of work at 5pm to get to the bank before it closes at 5:30pm. Only to find out that everyone was WRONG so far and to get this change made, the Sailor AND I need to both be in the bank at the same time because it is his account and why on earth would they approve this without him? Oh, maybe because EVERYONE ELSE TOLD US WE COULD DO IT. So with that disheartening note, I left the bank and went home.

On another note, I also wanted to add dental insurance, so I called the number I was given from Tricare and was told “oh you can’t do that, your sponsor has to do that for you.” Well fuck. “Unless you have power of attorney, then you can go online and add it that way.” Of course my husband hasn’t gotten that done yet, so I can’t get dental insurance until he comes back in a month.

It’s so frustrating! I’m not allowed to do anything without my husband. I feel like I don’t count as a person in the eyes of the military and I’m “just a spouse” who can’t do anything for herself without her husband’s help. I’m a strong woman and I can get through all of this, I know that I can. It’s just hard sometimes, as any military spouse knows. So my advice to all spouses or future spouses, get all of your paperwork as soon as you can (especially before your spouse has to go somewhere).

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