#WeddingsWednesdays: Choosing a Reception Space

#weddingwednesdays reception space

Back when I was planning my wedding, my mother and I would get together on #weddingwednesdays and talk about planning and what had been done or was next on the list. Those meetings are how I figured out my color scheme, my decorations and many of the vendor decisions. So I thought I would do this here and lend a little insight and some advice to anyone out there planning a wedding. Because honestly, you’ll need to do all the research you can.

Meeting vendors is probably the biggest and most time-consuming part of wedding planning. However, once you’ve gotten all your vendors picked out, the rest should be easy and the follow ups are just reiterating what you’ve already agreed upon. Easy, but still necessary, just in case any changes need to be made. What’s why you should take good notes!

The first “vendor” I needed to figure out was the location. Durham has a lot of really cool spaces for a reception and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted yet, but I knew I would when I saw it. Since I had already set my budget, I was able to eliminate some places by checking the prices online or just emailing them for a quote. It’s amazing how much places will charge when you add the word “wedding” in front of it! Every space that seemed to fit within our budget or was close to it, my mom and I made an appointment to visit. Armed with my list of questions, I was able to make a pro-con list for each venue and went with the space that had everything I wanted as well as fit in the budget.

Here’s a list of must-ask reception space questions:

questions to ask reception venue before renting

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