Getting a Fresh Start in a New City

As a general rule, I am a person who hates change. I like planning and schedules and routines and things to look forward to every day and every week. When I lived in Durham, I had plans 3 out of 5 weekdays: Mondays were Subway and walking with a friend, Tuesdays were game nights at the local comic book shop and Thursdays were “Family Night” where I would go eat dinner with my parents at their house. And yet, my marriage to the Sailor would make it seem otherwise.

One good thing about having to uproot your life is the opportunity to start fresh. Besides going to college in a city 30 minutes from home, I never really had that chance. Durham is and was great to me for my entire life, but it was also getting quite small. At one point before dating the Sailor, I thought I would never find a guy because there were no good ones left in Durham that I hadn't dated already. But now I'm in a new city and new state and it's kind of exciting! I’m meeting all these new people who don’t know me from Adam, and I could be any type of person I wanted. I can be more outgoing, have different interests and be known for different things. Any of the baggage that I have in my past doesn’t have to come with me when making new relationships. Which is really refreshing!

I can make a new name for myself (with a new name!) and not have anything holding me back. I’ve done alright making some friends with some wives in the FRG, all of whom know what it’s like to be a new navy wife, which is nice. I’ve established good relationships at work and love my job and the people I work with. The coolest thing about it? They only know what my resume told them about me. Any other personal information they learn is what I choose to divulge. It’s just nice to not have everything already known about me.

Even with all these changes already, I’ve been itching to do something a little different, nothing crazy, most likely with my hair. I do have a professional job, so it seems like the fun-colored hair will have to wait until I’m a stay at home mom; but I just need a new change in my looks. Possibly shorter, although it took me forever to get these crazy curls at their current length for my wedding.

unruly curly hair beach waves

I’ve always been fascinated with the undercut, although I’m worried with curly hair it would be weird or too edgy for me.

undercut shaved head green blue hair

And then there’s the ombre, which is think would be the most likely change I would make. It’s still natural looking, but a little crazier than the highlights I’m used to getting.

ombre brown to blonde hair

I still haven’t pulled up the courage to do it yet, but there’s plenty of time and I’m not going anywhere :) You guys will be the first ones to find out when I do!

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