#WeddingWednesdays: Questions to Ask Your Caterer

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It's #weddingwednesday you guys! So my next step to planning the wedding was to figure out the caterer. There were lots of options within the Triangle and it was hard to narrow them down. If your reception venue has a preferred vendors, then that makes your job that much easier! Whether you have a lot of caterers or just a few to choose from, I would still use my list to see which caterer will best fit your needs.

I used this list along with some other factors to decide on which catering company to use. There were some ups and downs, the first caterer we met was rude and unhelpful to a bride that was just starting to figure out what she wanted. I felt more like I was being attacked than having a meeting with a potential vendor. I could actually feel myself getting angry at the woman we were meeting with because she wasn't helping me (the bride) figure out what I wanted, she just wanted me to tell her exactly what I wanted and she was just going to give me a price. It didn't help that they ended up being totally out of our price range, but we just left the meeting feeling lost and very uncomfortable. Needless to say, they were out of the running.

The next couple companies that we met with were much better and and the meetings went much smoother. The decision ended up being between 3 companies that all had good prices, made me feel comfortable and had good food. In the end, we decided on a restaurant/catering company that was in the same vicinity as our reception space that had great food, was the lowest in budget and allowed us to buy our own alcohol with no corking fee. I was so happy with the gorgeous, delicious food and great customer service!

I hope this list helps you make your decision, people always remember food at a wedding :)

questions to ask your caterer list

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