Case of the Mondays and a Smoothie Pick-Me-Up

So I accidentally went on a week long hiatus. The Sailor is underway, and I was feeling blah and didn't get much done for a week. And really, I should have been trying to do too many things to keep myself busy, but I've never been great at that. When the Sailor was deployed, I didn't get out a lot and I do regret it. It's good to have a balance of alone time and social time when your spouse is away.

Anyway! Let me change the subject and say that I freaking love smoothies. When I worked at Panera, oh my gosh, they were so good and even better with my discount. People (including my husband) that say they aren’t into smoothies make wary. What’s not to love? It’s fruit and yogurt in a portable, drinkable meal.

So I’ve gone through many a Pinterest smoothie recipe with my cheap little blender and some were successes and some not so much. I was on a huge “smoothie for breakfast” kick before the wedding when I was looking for good protein smoothies since I was working out more (at all). So through some experimentation and lots of dirty tumblers, I figured out a good and healthy fruit smoothie recipe.

Strawberry smoothie:

1 cup frozen strawberry chopped very small

½ cup oatmeal

½ cup milk (whatever kind, I use 1%)

½ cup vanilla greek yogurt

1 whole frozen banana

½ teaspoon of honey

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Optional: Add spinach! It’s super good for you and you can’t taste it. Maybe your smoothie gets a little green, but that’s about it

Note: you can change the strawberries out for any kind of berry, really. Just remember blueberries get stuck in your teeth, so watch out when you smile!

Directions: Put all ingredients in the blender. Depending on how awesome yours is (Blendtec ones are the bomb), don’t put all the frozen stuff at the bottom or your blender will get stuck. Basically blend until smooth and enjoy!

I usually have this as my entire breakfast on the go and when I arrive at work. Don’t forget to wash out your cups soon after or else they will get super gross.

So that’s my super healthy protein fruit smoothie recipe. Try it out and let me know how it goes!