#WeddingWednesdays: Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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Another week, another installation of #weddingwednesday! Anybody who knows me knows that I love photos. I love taking them, looking at them, being in them (flattering ones only!). So when planning our wedding, I knew that one of my top priorities was an amazing photographer. My reasoning is because your wedding photos are the only things that you keep forever afterwards. I did keep my dress, but some women decide not to. Other people don't put as much importance on photographers, and that's okay too! You should only pay for what YOU want to on YOUR day. But this was the most important thing for me.

So when looking at our budget, most charts say to use 10% for your photographer, but my mom and I decided to double that to 20% and cut spending in other areas. I looked at a lot photographer portfolios and websites before meeting with any of them. I would always recommend looking at their wedding photos because that is in essence, what yours will look like. They may be overly edited, or very raw, or mostly candids vs posed photos. If there's any aspect of their portfolio that you don't like, I wouldn't use them. I found one amazing local photographer that had all the right photos and at the right price. My mom and I met with him, using these questions to figure out whether he was the right choice or not.

questions to ask your wedding photographer list

He ended up being the perfect fit for us, but we only knew after asking him all of these questions. And I absolutely LOVE all of our wedding photos. I could look at them all day <3

catholic church wedding
Durham School of the Arts wedding photo

Durham Wedding photo outside

under veil wedding photo

I mean, it's just perfect and so is the Sailor. I hope these photographer questions helped you! <3

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