Making Military Spouse Friends

making military spouse friends

Oh my goodness, I accidentally took a couple week hiatus! October ended up being a pretty busy month, involving the Sailor's birthday, a friend's wedding, a family emergency, our 6 month anniversary, a trip to Busch Gardens and Halloween (Below are pictures from the wedding, road trip and Trunk-or-Treat)! But I haven't forgotten about y'all and this blog!


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I have also been busy with work (my job still rocks!) and with the Family Readiness Group. While I was living in North Carolina, the FRG Facebook page was really only used by me to see when the Sailor was in port during deployment. Other spouses would say they had heard from one of them and I knew that I would be hearing from my Sailor soon, which was always a nice surprise. But other then that, I didn't think about it much, didn't ever post or get involved and didn't see myself as part of that group. There was one woman who posted asking about mason jar cakes in care packages and since I had just made them (they're awesome and I will post the recipe soon!!), I sent her a message about my experience. We got to talking some and despite not having much in common besides her husband and my then fiance being on the same ship, we formed a sort of bond. We became friends on Facebook and liked each others photos and statuses and got to know each other some. And let me tell you, that is the BEST decision I ever made in the FRG. Becoming friends with her gave me one person that I already knew before moving to Virginia and someone I could ask advice and sympathy because she had already been through it all!

Once we moved, I reached out to her and finally made plans to meet her and her kids in person at the Virginia Beach Aquarium. And we had so much fun and I was so excited and happy to know someone outside of the guys my husband knew from the ship. It's really hard to make friends as an adult, anyone that tells you otherwise is lying! Maybe it's harder for me, I've always been a bit shy at first, but I'm working on that, especially with the career my husband has right now ;)

Anyways, after I had one new friend under my belt, I got a little more confident and I have been going to all of the FRG meetings that have happened since I've moved here. And I've gotten to know a lot of really cool, sweet, confident, awesome women that are all in the same boat as I am, which is amazing. I recently designed the RED Friday shirts we are going to use as a fundraiser and I went to the Trunk-or-Treat we had last weekend. So I've actually been really busy and hanging out with people that aren't just the Sailor's co-workers.

I guess what I'm trying to say is while you are getting ready for another impending deployment like we are (or if you're just new to the area, military lifestyle, etc), it's always good to have a great support system. Family and civilian friends are awesome, but if they're not close to you, then you should reach out into the community and see who's there! You might be surprised at who you meet!

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