How I Show My Navy Pride

Like I have said before, I didn’t really own the term “Navy girlfriend” for quite a while, so I started off being pretty in the closet about anything Navy-related that I liked/enjoyed/posted. I even had one of those secret boards on Pinterest where I would pin Navy related things so no one would see or make fun of me. It stayed like that for a while. Over the last two years I’ve accumulated some things, such as a small car magnet, some FRG shirts, a Navy sweatshirt, and an anchor ring that all show my Navy pride and pride in my husband. I was and still am fearful of being too in your face about being a now Navy wife. I very rarely post things about him being in the service or how proud I am of him, I didn’t make any homecoming signs, and I don't any patriotic/Navy decorations in our apartment. A lot of this came from the Sailor’s distaste of anything too cheesy or obnoxious. He was actually the first one to buy me an FRG shirt because I was afraid to get anything Navy related that he didn’t like!

I would say probably one of my most “Go Navy” moments that I had was on our wedding day. I had seen this idea years ago on Pinterest of a woman who had her husband’s name tape sewn into the back of her wedding dress right next to the zipper. I kept that image pinned (on my secret board) probably since the first month we started dating. And even though I wasn’t sure if he would like it, I did the exact same thing. He had given me one of his digital jackets before he deployed, so I took a seam ripper to that thing and brought the name tape in with me to my dress alterations. I only told my mom and sister about it so at the end of our wedding night it was a sweet surprise, and he actually really liked it. It’s one of my favorite wedding photos from our album.

I’m still learning how to walk the line of too much or not enough; I mean we’ve only been together for three years. My mom keeps asking when I’m going to get a Navy Wife sticker for my car (if you’ve seen my car you would know I’m not afraid of a bumper sticker or five). I want to find one that the Sailor thinks is cute and classy and so far, none have fit the bill. I know part of it is that I’m afraid of what other people will think (including other wives and sailors). Someday I hope to get rid of those fears and have that “fuck off” attitude that I hopefully already portray. But for now I’ll stay a little cautious, a little Navy prideful and a lot in love with my Sailor. <3

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