I'm a Military Spouse That's Afraid of Guns

military spouse that's afraid of guns

I am from the South. You wouldn’t know it by hearing me speak, but I’m a Carolina girl. However, going against all stereotypes, I am not comfortable with guns. I’ll take you on with a Nerf or water gun, but that’s the extent of my knowledge and comfort level. I know a lot of this is because it wasn’t how I was raised. My family didn’t go hunting, we didn’t get any sort of guns when we were younger and it wasn’t something my friends did or at least invited me to do. So naturally, I wouldn’t be comfortable with them or really being around them. And if I’m being really honest, I’m kind of scared of them. Not really the gun by itself, but how much damage it can do in an instant. I’ve heard the news stories, mostly of children somehow getting ahold of a gun in the house and shooting someone else or themselves. If it’s mishandled once, someone could die or be severely injured.

The Sailor had a totally different upbringing. He got a BB gun when he was younger and practiced shooting, he went hunting with his dad and went to shooting ranges. On top of that, he joined the military and got even better at it. To say he is comfortable with guns is an understatement. He loves them. He loves going to gun shows and looking at all the ones his friends have. He had a few at the house he used to live at, but graciously did not bring them to our apartment because he knows how I feel. That being said, he definitely wants me to learn and get more comfortable and he wants to buy me a gun. I know it’s because he worries about my safety.

I’m sure you’re reading all of this and saying, you married a man in the military, you should know you’re going to be around guns! And yeah, I guess I did. But it’s still weird. I’m not totally comfortable on base yet. I still feel like an imposter, a tense, uncomfortable imposter. It’s all a matter of exposure though. I’ll get used to seeing them and being around them at least in that sense. Guns in the home? A hot button issue and still something the Sailor and I will need to discuss more down the road.

What do you think? Guns a-okay or nay?

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