I Still Don't Understand All of My Husband's Uniform

don't understand my husband's uniform

The first time I saw the Sailor in a uniform changed my life. We weren't even dating, he had just come back from his first deployment, and we were hanging out in Durham during one weekend. He had to drive straight back to Norfolk afterwards, so he for whatever reason was going to change at my apartment before he drove back. He came out of my bathroom in that digital blue camo and those rolled sleeves and oh my gosh, something just came over me. If you had told me the day before that I would have thought men in uniforms were sexy, I would have told you that you were crazy. But it's all freaking true. Something about that dumb blue camo does it to me.

Seeing his uniform for the first time, the only smaller piece I noticed was his last name on his chest. I didn't even realize there were all of the other little pieces that were part of the uniform. The rate on the shoulder and what went on the collar and the different colored stitching meaning different things. And oh my gosh, the ribbon rack on his dress uniforms. That thing is the most confusing slash important piece of the Sailor's uniform that I know almost nothing about. I really do try though. Since the Navy is ditching the blue digital camo and replacing it with a new green, we had to go to the NEX and get a whole new uniform. I started to ask questions, but once he started explaining each piece he was picking out, my eyes glazed over, and I remember nothing. And I've tried to learn it all before. I recognize bits and pieces, or try to remember what someone's uniform looks like that I saw that day so I can tell the Sailor when I get home so he can explain it to me.

I guess the moral of my little tangent is that uniforms are sexy, but confusing. If you are one of the spouses that fully understands all of it, then I am super jealous and wish that you could somehow magically push it into my brain and make me remember. However, if you're like me and just cannot seem to remember all the subtleties of your spouse's uniform, that's okay too! That doesn't make you a bad spouse! That probably means you just make kick-ass cookies for all of the FRG meetings or are very good at remembering all of your spouse's coworkers names, or something else equally awesome! We're all different and that's what makes our community amazing.



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